Where to?

Find data

Use keywords to search Wazimap for data, then choose a place or places to view your data.


Find a place to explore data, or choose a geographic summary level to build a comparison.


Discover the story behind the data.

Find facts

Populations and financial figures are broken down by category: Elections, Demographics, Service Delivery, Economics and Education.


Our library of charts gives you insight into data from the places you research. Look for them on profile pages. You can even embed the charts on your own site.

Get context

Pre-computed statistics are presented alongside each data point, so you can see how each place fits into a larger context.

Using Wazimap

More tips on using Wazimap

Finding places

Type in the name or address of a place. Then select the location you are interested in from the dropdown. Alternatively, click on the map area you want to go to. The + and - buttons zoom in an out.

Exploring data

Statistics are broken down into categories, e.g. Service Delivery. Find a key figure for a sub-category on the left. Hover over graphs to see comparisons with the province and country averages.

Wazimap out in the field

About Wazimap

Wazimap, from the Xhosa word ulwazi for knowledge, is a joint project by Media Monitoring Africa and OpenUp that provides easy access to South African census and elections data.

Read more about who we are and why we built Wazimap.

Shoulders of Giants

Wazimap is based on the amazing Census Reporter and is completely open source. You can build a Wazimap for your own country.